Working with virtual teams

Day and time Monday 25 May, 15.50-17.20 EAT.
Space: Megenagna
Convener(s): Nancy White
Process coach: Ewen Le Borgne

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Outline of the session

Ever play a simple electronic game like “Angry Birds?” Does your virtual team work feel similar? Just sending bird bombs into tipsy structures? What if the game were something different? Join us as we work to “level up” our virtual team skills. We’ll explore what non productive virtual team practices to stop, identify the minimum specs for success, and even work to climb to the perhaps trickiest level, that of trust and leadership. To make it even more interesting, your two hosts, Ewen Le Borgne and Nancy White will blend F2F (Ewen) and online (Nancy from afar.) All kinds of participate are invited.

Purpose: Why is this topic important to you and us as a community? >> Virtual team work is increasingly important as a) business gets done increasingly collaboratively and increasingly globally and b) travel budgets are reducing for economic or environmental reasons in a lot of places. We just need to get a good hang at working well with virtual teams.

Objectives/Products: What are the outputs and how will we know we've achieved them? >> Some do's and don'ts, some recognition of what it takes to get great virtual teams working together, a deeper understanding of the informal dynamics behind virtual team work.

Detailed session outline (offline / online element):
  • Watering hole
    • (10') Welcome everyone + Video of what online conferencing looks like in real life(?)
  • Campfire
    • (20') What is level 1 for good virtual teams? What the heck is going on (Mad tea)?
    • (25') What is level 2 for good virtual teams? What can we understand and do right now? (TRIZ / MinSpecs)
    • (20') What is level 4 for good virtual teams? What does it take to deepen the practice and ensure trust? (HSR)
  • Caves
    • (15') Reflecting on the cycle of practice, reflection, learning and good internet and this particular experiment (What So What Now What)

What did we harvest in this session?

What bad practices can we ensure make our virtual team work fail time and time again (and what practices are we guilty of)?

Results from the F2F group (and --> suggested solutions)

  • Everyone talks at the same time (no attention to the process) -->
    • use technology that allows one person to talk at a time,
    • use video to give physical clues
    • appoint a virtual 'facilitator' (not just a chair)
  • Forget a key team member (e.g. in a team of 7) -->
    • Organize ground rules
    • Be deliberate and purposeful about the process
  • Not think about differences between face-to-face
  • Summarize and moderate so messages come out
  • Takes time - no quick reaction (unrealistic timelines)
    • Establish delivery expectations (e.g. react by tomorrow! Mind the Friday afternoon delivery message
  • Purpose, agenda + respect peoples' time
  • Misunderstandings, take offense
    • Change the mindset
    • Study your communication pattern
  • Lack of 'human(e) context' (it is more difficult to be honest online, to call direspectful behaviour) - the 'human bandwidth' is not as great online as it it is offline.

Comments on the session itself (from online and face-to-face participants: please share your feedback here.

Full Adobe Connect chat transcript notes

Nancy White:Hi Beverly, David, Meron and Muthoni. Ready for a roller coaster ride?
Muthoni Njiru (ILRI- Nairobi):I can hear you perfect here in Nairobi
Muthoni Njiru (ILRI- Nairobi):Hahaha Nancy I get motion sickness so dont go too fast LOL
Muthoni Njiru (ILRI- Nairobi):Hahahahaha
Isobel:Hi, Isobel here
PIERANDREA PIRANI:Welcome back Isobel, thx for joining!
Isobel:Nice to be back. I was VERY slow. Found it a bit bewildering, but this is my first time ...
Nancy White:Yeah, Isobel, we are juggling a lot.
Isobel:Nice to see you Nancy
Nancy White:What struck you about Liberating Structures in London?
Nancy White:(waving)
Beverly Hoffman:Hi Nancy, I think I am on
Nancy White:Yay
Nancy White:We are still in the early stages of doing LS online... so expect some bumps!
PIERANDREA PIRANI:your camera is gone for me nancy
Nancy White:My camera froze again.
PIERANDREA PIRANI:and your back!
Nancy White:I unfroze. Maybe I needed to warm up my joints!
Nancy White:WELCOME everyone!
Nancy White:Join us in CONFUSIASM!
Nancy White:This is a GAME!!!!
Nancy White:How many people are in the room!
Shamila:hello everyone.
Muthoni Njiru (ILRI- Nairobi):Hi everyone!
Nancy White:Hi Shamila
Nancy White:Hey, everyone here... where are you comingin from?
Ian Prinsloo:Hello
Nancy White:Hi Ian
Nancy White:I'm coming in from Seattle, in the US. The upper left hand corner on the west coast
David Mowbray:David Mowbray here in Canada... Farm Radio International
Shamila:I am the Training Manager at INTRAC - based in Oxford, an NGO / consultancy.
Shamila:Shamila Jansz
Ian Prinsloo:I am in London
Nancy White:Oh, yes, I know INTRAC. Fab
PIERANDREA PIRANI:Pier Andrea here from Euforic Services - calling in from Italy today
Nancy White:Ian is a Liberating Structures guy!
Nancy White:For us online in this exercise, we'll type chat.
Nancy White:Pier, I can't move the slides
Nancy White:May I have that ability
Nancy White:What first inspired me
David Mowbray:people I met on line had the same interests
Nancy White:The ability to work with smart people who aren't near me
PIERANDREA PIRANI:capacity to connect across the globe
Beverly Hoffman:that I don't have to travel to have meetings
Ian Prinsloo:just connecting with someone in the world
Shamila:having access to many people that i would not normally
Nancy White:I can work in my pajamas
Ian Prinsloo:small commute
Shamila:connecting people together who may not be able to speak to each other
Isobel:No need to flly
Nancy White:Amen on the no flying
Nancy White:Something that attracts me...
David Mowbray:We can share knowledge much further afield -- you have access to the best
Ian Prinsloo:that it is a reality
Beverly Hoffman:learning new technology
Nancy White:the diversity of people who can work toether
Ian Prinsloo:seeing what is possible beyond information sharing
PIERANDREA PIRANI:reach and richness
Muthoni Njiru (ILRI- Nairobi):divesity localized
Nancy White:I like that way of saying it!
Nancy White:Time zones for synch meetings
David Mowbray:Good sharing tools
Muthoni Njiru (ILRI- Nairobi):technology!
Ian Prinsloo:a sense of connection
Isobel:Build relationships without having met first
Nancy White:Shared tech skills
Nancy White:Smooth tools
Shamila:people actually taking the time to do the technical set up
Shamila:even when they have been told a lot
Nancy White:More relational work - trust, building a sense of each other
Shamila:in advance
Beverly Hoffman:fast enough internet service in Belize where I live
Ian Prinsloo:realizing what is unique about virtual platform (not a stand in for face to face)
Muthoni Njiru (ILRI- Nairobi):commitment
Nancy White:Get over the delusion that it is FASTER. It usually isn
PIERANDREA PIRANI:virtual hand shaking ain't the same..
Nancy White:Virtual chocolate is...
Shamila:getting people confident with the technology and the method of interacting
Nancy White:Seeing the depth of each other.
Ian Prinsloo:being comfortable with platforms
PIERANDREA PIRANI:agree with tech issues, we saw it in practice today
Nancy White:Realize just because you can work 24/7 you should NOT always do that!
Ian Prinsloo:finding out the nuances of relationship
Isobel:People feeling engaged ,not disconnecting
Nancy White:Virtual team leaders...
Nancy White:That I'm asleep at 4am.
Ian Prinsloo:that it is not the same as face to face
Beverly Hoffman:the time differences globally
David Mowbray:that not everyone is comfortable with the virtual tools
PIERANDREA PIRANI:vitual processes work differently
Nancy White:That I miss a lot of what happens when members who ARE co located don't share what they are experiencing with the distributed memebers.
Isobel:how important it is to send people info in good time ...
Nancy White:What I hope can happen
Muthoni Njiru (ILRI- Nairobi):not to assume that they understand the typed comments- clarification is key
Meron:have common understanding
Nancy White:....we get to know each other
Ian Prinsloo:that is becomes a way to extend the human connection
Beverly Hoffman:we will be able to get our work done and still have fun
PIERANDREA PIRANI:to meet f2f, regularly
David Mowbray:we all really contribute
Nancy White:... FUN! YES
Ian Prinsloo:that it can give support and inspiration
Meron:know what our cotributions are
PIERANDREA PIRANI:we work smarter by using appropriate technologies
Nancy White:that we can really make a difference all over the world... not concentrate in a geography
Nancy White:nimble
Nancy White:diverse, intelligent
Isobel:Something special happens
Shamila:we enable those who would not normaly get to speak, can actually speak
Nancy White:Turn up the heat...
Nancy White:Ask relational question
Ian Prinsloo:learn the platform and play
Muthoni Njiru (ILRI- Nairobi):change up the way we organize meetings
Shamila:using more smart, clearer simple questions
Nancy White:... share chocolate by mail
Meron:use :- as much as I can
Ian Prinsloo:experiment
PIERANDREA PIRANI:create more occasions to connect on a personal level
David Mowbray:Make sure there are defined goasl and actions for everyone on the team
Shamila:targeting individuals to share their own experience, rather than open Q and A
Nancy White:...TRUST that with practice, we get better. So give space and time for that development
Muthoni Njiru (ILRI- Nairobi):break the monotony
Nancy White:Exciting way to support trust...
Ian Prinsloo:have them share personally
David Mowbray:not a clue
Nancy White:Interview and learn the stories of each member over time
Ian Prinsloo:do something together
Ian Prinsloo:create something together
Beverly Hoffman:to get to know one another on a more reltional level over time
Isobel:Do something like this!
Nancy White:Consider activities that allow people to have in depth conversations in small groups or pairs with different members over time
PIERANDREA PIRANI:have shared experiences
Nancy White:Haha!
Meron:stay positive
Nancy White:Ask provocative questions
Isobel:Share personal stories
Ian Prinsloo:make it a blend of people and virtual
Nancy White:Look at the periphery for interesting stuff.
Beverly Hoffman:use images to evoke responses that are deeper
Ian Prinsloo:small groups linked
Shamila:ask people to share stories or interesting facts
Nancy White:Innovative practice...
Beverly Hoffman:personal stories
Nancy White:Video via ipads with on the ground groups and online
Ian Prinsloo:connecting small teams in different locations
Shamila:putting people into online breakout rooms as i have still not tried it
Nancy White:Periscope
PIERANDREA PIRANI:something like we/re doing here
Nancy White:Working out loud in different ways
Shamila:what is periscope
Nancy White:It is a streaming video for twitter
Nancy White:(periscope)
Isobel:Photos of everyone
Nancy White:I can mention it later
Nancy White:But it captures the visual, so related to isobel's noting of photos
Nancy White:A question emerging...
Ian Prinsloo:what is the thing they can do better than a f2f group?
Nancy White:How do leaders really UNDERSTAND what is going on with Virteams and thus support them appropriately
Nancy White:How do we hire people for these skills?
Isobel:How to create relationship remotely, before meeting face to face
Ian Prinsloo:what is the thing they should make sure they do not try and accomplish?
Shamila:how to really get people to buy into virtual-meetings, and treat them with as much importance as face-to-face
Nancy White:(I KNOW you can have trust w/o F2F... overhearing Ewen. I can't resist)
Beverly Hoffman:I like Isabel's question
Nancy White:How NOT to repeat bad offline meetings online -- they are worse
Nancy White:I agree!
Muthoni Njiru (ILRI- Nairobi):how scalable is this approach
Muthoni Njiru (ILRI- Nairobi):How scalable ARE virtual teams
Nancy White:I like mad team because
Isobel:It get'
Isobel:it gets us going!
Shamila:you switch quickly between topics
Nancy White:(we have a little delay)
Nancy White:Fun
Beverly Hoffman:It's fun
Nancy White:Can say mad things
Ian Prinsloo:Starts the conversation
Shamila:have to respond quickly
Nancy White:You inspire me
Beverly Hoffman:short and sweet
Ian Prinsloo:gets you thinking as a group
Nancy White:It is scalable
Nancy White:A bit surreal
Muthoni Njiru (ILRI- Nairobi):online interaction ignites your thought
Nancy White:No connection between ideas
Isobel:no judgement of right and wrong
Shamila:hi pete
Shamila:no introductions
Shamila:no technical explanation
Beverly Hoffman:no introductions
Shamila:no pauses
Nancy White:use different tools and not tell each other
Beverly Hoffman:no agenda
Shamila:no specific questions
Ian Prinsloo:Desing as if it was a f2f meeting and ignore the virtual demands
David Mowbray:Accross timexzones sehecule online meetings that are really inconvenient for some
Ian Prinsloo:make sure no one has a chance to use the platform beforehand
Isobel:No agenda of any kind, no communication with them beforehand
Shamila:allow people to talk over each other
Beverly Hoffman:too busy no pauses to reflect
Nancy White:Blend w/ F2F team that regularly meets without telling you
Nancy White:Unclear goals
PIERANDREA PIRANI:use tech which is not appropriate
David Mowbray:Make onlline group sessions long with no obvious goal or target
PIERANDREA PIRANI:unclear roles, expectations and goals
Ian Prinsloo:have the faciltiator handle the tech and the group
David Mowbray:Set impossible deadlilnes
Meron:send out too many messages
Nancy White:Make virtual team members "second class" to F2F
Isobel:No transition moments like Nancy just did!
David Mowbray:give no feedback
David Mowbray:When shceduled, don't start on time
Nancy White:Forget to celebrate or help through bad patches with compassion
Shamila:no checking in i.e. 'is everyone clear? 'can everyone hear and see the slides'
Beverly Hoffman:going really off the mark in regards to to topic being discussed and no one monitoring this
David Mowbray:foreget to send the required links for shared resources or forget to actually share them
Ian Prinsloo:start something, make a mistake, stop and then just go on to other activities
Shamila:checking if presenters are going top fast
Beverly Hoffman:being business like and not relational
Shamila:too many slides
Isobel:Getting caught up with the prevailing pace and not pausing (try to read what you 're all saying!)
Shamila:yes to a point
Shamila:i was a lot more in a previous role
Beverly Hoffman:I will be after November 2015 ; not now
Nancy White:Have meetings that are about content delivery and not participatory and engaging.
Ian Prinsloo:not so much teams as ongoing Skype meetings
David Mowbray:At FRI we are alost a completely virtual group -- 6 countries but specifically our program development team is in several locations
David Mowbray:Yes
Muthoni Njiru (ILRI- Nairobi):We lost you in Nairobi
Muthoni Njiru (ILRI- Nairobi):but just got back on
Isobel:Not team per se but with event design team when working with client group
Muthoni Njiru (ILRI- Nairobi):We are in a virtual team
Muthoni Njiru (ILRI- Nairobi):with Ben and Ewen , and Tsehay in addis
Shamila:lots of skype
Meron:yes part of an e-mail group
Shamila:with clients and with teams
Nancy White:Pay virtual team members less than everyone else
Muthoni Njiru (ILRI- Nairobi):online connections get irnored or forgotten
Muthoni Njiru (ILRI- Nairobi):arent part of the process all the time
Nancy White:Don't tell everyone else who is on the team
Nancy White:If external stakeholders are involved, don't tell them
Nancy White:Any brilliant ones you want to share wit the Addis pod?
Shamila:no transition moments and checking in
Harrison Manyumwa:Just joining the meeting. My apologies
Nancy White:Which of these things ARE WE DOING?
Shamila:yes - i often forget to explain to people to do that
Meron:not responding to most of the messages
Shamila:yes that is true
Nancy White:Not paying attention to transitions/reflection
Shamila:shared responsibility is a very good point.
Meron:more open community of practice
Shamila:i have never done this in a virtual meeting but maybe we do some shared ' ground rules' or commitments for virtaul meetings
Shamila:just like we do for face-to-face
Shamila:so everyone knows up front at the start what is expected of them
Nancy White:not understanding when we are operating in team (interdependent tasks) and open knowledge sharing group which may suggest the need for different practices, etc.
Isobel:Sometimes deferring to the client leading the team/ prevailing culture - eg a lot of rushg/ overwork means agenda etc sent late
Shamila:generally i think
Shamila:nancy - will it be possible to share this chat after? it is so helpful!
David Mowbray:we have had problems making sure everyone knows how to use Google Docs for shared editing and creation.. Right now we have some sharing priviliges problems as try to develop workplans
David Mowbray:Exactrly
Isobel:Feeling intimidated/ anxious about being with a group I don't know ... can mean I don't show up as I should!
Nancy White:(doesn't silence feel different online?) ;-)
Nancy White:OK, type your one thing everyone!
PIERANDREA PIRANI:it does! always wonder if there's some technical issues going on
Ian Prinsloo:Give more time for connecting at beginning, and for each task of the meeting
PIERANDREA PIRANI:Will stop having online meetings of 1 hour, when 30 mins are enough - that should also apply to f2f, actually
Meron:try to respond to people as soon as I can rather than postpone it - if am in the middle of something.
Harrison Manyumwa:I guess I will have to learn to stop giving divided attention especially during online meetings
Isobel:Set aside time/ have a clear intention to have the conversation with the person leading the group (client) about what will make for a really effective online meeting/ team
Beverly Hoffman:I hope to learn a bit more technology and tools (simple) that will enable my future virtual team members to better connect with one another as we work on our task before us
Nancy White:Build a team repertoire for "working out loud"
Shamila:to be comfortably designing interactive, participatory session... i.e. as comfortable as i am doing this face-to-face
Isobel:Nancy - can you say more about that last point?
Harrison Manyumwa:I just wonder what the future of remote collaboration is some African countries. Big technological gap here, i.e. in terms of quality reliable internet
Nancy White:SLACK
Harrison Manyumwa:is it an app or physical device? What is the cost
Harrison Manyumwa:I will really appreciate if we can do a demo afterwards
Nancy White:TO DO: Build a quick slack demo
Harrison Manyumwa:Great. Thanks!
Nancy White:Leave your email here if you want to do that.
Shamila:hi nancy i cant hear ewen so well
Nancy White:finding that thread of commonality online and offline. Group agreements/groundrules for virtual meetings.
Nancy White:Be deliberate
Nancy White:(I'm typing what he is saying)
Shamila:i have tried putting my volume up
Harrison Manyumwa:Ok. Thanks
Nancy White:video for human face
Nancy White:facilitating
Nancy White:more realistic expectations
Nancy White:Time zone considerations
Nancy White:delivery timelines
Harrison Manyumwa:Sorry since I was late, can someone tell me what TRIZ means
Harrison Manyumwa:Thanks. Will do that
Ben Hack 3:I'm here now
Ben Hack 3:cpnnecion going on and off tho
Ben Hack 3:i'm there 3 tmes :)
Beverly Hoffman:ok
David Mowbray:Harrison and I are now in contact
Harrison Manyumwa:Thanks Pier for the link
Shamila:hi muthoni - i sent you a private message but was not sure if you received it
Shamila:hi nancy still not heard yet
Isobel:Hi Nancy, Meron had to leave, so I couuld join you and Shamila?
Nancy White:Yes, hold ona sec
Isobel:Sounds good ...
Nancy White:Isobel and Shamila here. Great.
Shamila:wow it is tricky to think of one
Isobel:Shamil, do you have an example? I'm struggling to think of one - though I'm sure it must've happened. Maybe a case of blanking out!
Shamila:this is a face to face example but
Shamila:i was once on the steering ocmmittee of a big programmes meeting (actually just realised this happened in the vritual preparation too)
Shamila:and as i was not as senior as other staff, but still heailt involved in the design of the face-to-face workshop, which was done through a virtual team i was often not listened to or respected
Shamila:sorry this should have said heavily involved
Isobel:Were you excluded in some way?
Shamila:well i would suggest points but they were not included or else repeated by others
Shamila:it was very interesting
Isobel:What do you make if it now ...?
Shamila:i reflected that it was not really done in a participatory way, but was actually more political in terms of buy in and ownership
Shamila:i.e. certain senior people involved to win them over and buy into the process...
Shamila:does that make sense?
Shamila:did you have a story?
Isobel:Yes, so they had precedence by default? And that would have been avoided or lessened in it was participatory?
Isobel:I can't think of one in particular, but I tend to hold back in some situations
Shamila:I am not sure entirely
Isobel:which can have the same effect - it's about being fully present with oneself and others
Shamila:yes that is very true
Isobel:Last week something happened that bothered me a lot - I missed out a young woman in a closing round. So she wasn't seen or heard because of me. She was sitting back, and I literallly didn't see here. I can't explain how it happened, but bothered me a lot.
Isobel:Especially as I care so much about including everyone!
Shamila:yes that is frustrating but i can appreciate how things like that happen
Shamila:do you have any ideas why it happened?
Isobel:Yes, group dynamics are sometimes bigger than us ...
Isobel:She was next to me but sitting back, a bit out of the circle, so there could be a simple explanation
Shamila:typistas :)
Harrison Manyumwa:we're here
Nancy White:What did you observe?
PIERANDREA PIRANI:Folks if you want the floow either raise your hand or let us know here in the chat, so we'll open your mic
Nancy White:Really a moment of being listened to
Harrison Manyumwa:Like David said, I was just asking questions, and didn't realize I was solving the problem
Harrison Manyumwa:I think that was really cool
Nancy White:Human bandwidth. In online don't have the same emotional, physical bandwidth you do in offline. Don't have same assets to call on disrepectful behaviro. mini clue.
Nancy White:Interesting how open you end up being while typing.
Nancy White:Even virtual connection - we are so used to typing as a form of communication. Almost have to write more details and be clearer than you might be F2F, with more time.
Nancy White:Got stright to the point. Support each other.
Nancy White:You can become invisible online. SEEN. Majority F2F and minotiry online is a really challenging envirionment, espcially wi/out sound and video.
David Mowbray:I agree with Ewan... that is one of our problems -- some f2f and others virtual at the same time
Nancy White:It matters so much. Obvious question but bringing more of who we are in relationship to each other.
Nancy White:Role of facilitator - help make that possible. Group of people who don't know each other. Shared. Spoke, Relational. Keep it alive. Able to contrubute in a whole hearted way.
Isobel:feeling able to speak openly with heart
Shamila: yes i felt everyone engaged in depth
Shamila:and perhaps having the facilitator with a video helps when online
Nancy White:Part of building up trust in a team
Nancy White:being heard and respected -- being trusted and feeling trusted
Nancy White:Instead of a to do list -- have a TO LOVE list!
Isobel:smiling here!
David Mowbray:I have to leave the meeting... Going to a funeral. Great to meet you all.
Nancy White:David, sending LOVE as you go.
Nancy White:Thanks for being with us.
Harrison Manyumwa:Yes, regardless some of the downs of online meetings, they're good in that you can write and delete text, which you cannot do with speech. With the right skills virtual meetings result in better quality communication
Nancy White:Lucie: retrospectively, had a session on process literacy about the F2F stuff. We don't think about the online process literacy as well. Need to think throught hat. We don't put half as much effort in online as we do F2F. Important to have this in mind always
Nancy White:Process literacy for the online world. For meetings and interactions.
Nancy White:Pete: Checklist. Did a lot of thinking and reading about these four blended sessions. I've nver done so much thinking and preparing before other virtual meetings. Which is terrible. I will in future. These people are not in front of me. havea check list and ground rules.
Nancy White:Anyone here typing or want to grab the mic?
Nancy White:K: Email my team and organize a skype meeting a little bit better.
Shamila:i agree with pete a lot
Nancy White:We could do a peer assist
Shamila:i wrote that i will take the same approach to designing online interaction as i do with face-to-face
Ben Hack 3:Working with people online is a bit like operating in a different culture #digitalethnography
Nancy White:E: Spend more time w/ team mates who are in the chat, beside meetings to check in regularly. This goes beyond online meetings.
Nancy White:Take aspects of normal meetings - not going to have a four hour F2F w/o a break - to the online.
Beverly Hoffman:I think my next step is to do more thinking and reflecting how to build some processes on line to build relationships and allow participants to be heard, seen and respected. Less task and business and a bit more unfolding of our personal stories to build that trust
Ben Hack 3:process online is different, cannot simply copy over a F2F proces design
Nancy White:slow teams!
Ben Hack 3:It needs to be intentioanl
Nancy White:invest in longer term relationships
Ben Hack 3:did I say that?
Isobel:Building on these points - integrate some light activities like heard, seen, respected
Ben Hack 3::)
Shamila:yes that is a great mantra
Beverly Hoffman:These relationships will be across cultures
PIERANDREA PIRANI:Also in chat here
PIERANDREA PIRANI:Doc for feedback on session, please fill in and let us know how it went for you
Nancy White:ACTION": All add resources to the wiki (url?)
Nancy White:ACTION: Nancy set up a Slack experiment
Ever play a simple electronic game like “Angry Birds?” Does your virtual team work feel similar? Just sending bird bombs into tipsy structures? What if the game were something different? Join us as we work to “level up” our virtual team skills. We’ll explore what non productive virtual team practices to stop, identify the minimum specs for success, and even work to climb to the perhaps trickiest level, that of trust and leadership. To make it even more interesting, your two hosts, Ewen LeBorgne and Nancy White will blend F2F (Ewen) and online (Nancy from afar.) All kinds of participate are invited.