National Consultation Workshop on Forages and Forage Seed Industry Development in Ethiopia
November 30th, 2015.
Lalibeal Auditorium ILRI-Addis, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  • To get additional input from the larger audience that, at a later stage, would help develop a national forage seed and animal feed industry program in Ethiopia
  • To get buy-in from key (strategic) stakeholders mainly the government, the private sector and the donor community

  • 8:30 Registration
  • 9:00 Welcome and Introduction
    • Siboniso (Boni) Moyo, Program Leader (Animal Science for Sustainable Productivity) and Director General’s Representative in Ethiopia
    • after Boni invite Workeneh to formally introduce the newly appointed Mi
    • H.E. Dr. Gebregziabher Gebreyohannes, State Minister in the Minstery of Livestock and Fish resources (key note speech)
    • Facilitator (participant introduction, Agenda and process, ground rules)
    • Objectives of the meeting, Barry
    • process: 10 min' 5 min' each for welcoming and keynote speech
      • 20 min; participants networking exercise , impromptu networking exercise, asking participants to introduce themselves and ask
      • them "What big challenge do you bring to this gathering around forage and forage seed development in Ethiopia? What do you hope to get from and give this group or community? , facilitator
      • 3 min' Agenda and ground rules
      • 2 min' min objectives of the meeting (by organizers)
  • 9:30 Presentation about Past and current experiences of forage and forage seed development in Ethiopia
    • Past experiences of forage seed development in Ethiopia (Lessons learnt) by Dr. Diriba Geleti
    • Current scenarios of forage and forage seed production and use in Ethiopia (challenges and Opportunities) by Dr. Getnet Assefa, EIAR
    • Q&A
    • process: 20 min' for each presentations, and 20 min' for Q&A, presenters will split themselves in different corner of the room and participants can go wherever they want and ask questions. this happens in parallel, the Q&A with participants will be documented on flip char / laptop

  • 10:30 Group photo and networking break around coffee/tea
  • 11:00 Scaling-up forage seed and feed industry in Ethiopia and the intended outcome of the national consultative workshop by Dr. Barry I. Shapiro, ILRI Senior Livestock Development Adviser and FeedSeed Project Leader
    • Q&A
    • process" this presentation explains the rationale behind the concept note, after presentation, we will do facilitated clarification questions in plenary and it will be documented

  • 12:00 lunch break
  • 13:00 Visioning the concept note: group discussion on strength, weakness and opportunities (what to include as added value)
    • Process: first invite Workneh Ayalew from ATA to talk about regional linkage
    • We will do random groping to get a divers expertise, it will around 8 groups
    • The concept note already sent ahead and we hope people already read this and some of these also mention on Barry's presentation.We will print the document per group to their further reference.
    • 45 mini' we have group discussion on the strength, weakness and feedback on areas to improve (include).
    • 15 min' Writing Key points on card (strength and opportunities on green card, traits on yellow and weakness on red card)
  • 14:00 Reflection/ feedback from groups
    • process: 8 x 5 min' for each group to report back and stick their car on the wall
    • ask groups to do their reflection and stick their card on the SWAT matrix wall
    • once they stick, do quick summary and anlysis to identify top issues emerged from opportunities then ask participants do scoring to prioritize with small tick dot
  • 15:00 Tea break
  • 15:30 Next steps
  • The next steps of this workshop is to have a write shop to further develop the concept note
    • Get people nominate themselves for write shop (individual decision ) to join the interim team, the future will be forming formal committee
      • Already there is an interim team who discussed and drafted the pillars who was working on the concept note from ministry of agriculture and natural resources, ministry of livestock and Fish Resources, EIAR, ATA, ILRI, ACDI-VOCA-FEED II project and GIZ, USAID-AKLDP-TUFTS university, Ethiopian Seed Enterprise (ESE)
      • we need to get more people from thematic areas like: Gender, Nutrition , Sustainable land management and natural resource management, seed regulatory office, private sectors seed producers network, seed regulatory office.
      • at the end will invite Barry and Workeneh to give us the real direction of the next steps
    • process: Inform participants about the informal technical advisory committee, write it on flip chart and present to the people to look into, inform the planed write shop further to develop the concept note, then 1-2-4-all , asking participants think who is missing, specially looking into the crosscutting issues, some thematic areas, nominate people from this organization or thematic areas.
    • open discussion write suggested names/orgs on flip chart
  • 17:0 closing
    • Closing speech by Adrian