Visit by Delegates to the European Union - Africa Union meeting
8 October, 2014 (14.30-16.30)
ILRI Campus, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Wednesday 8th October 2014
Arrival of guests
Siboniso Moyo, Gail Amare, Tibebe GebreAmlak and Meron Mulatu
14:45 - 15:00
Traditional Coffee served during discussions
Welcome, Introduction to the CGIAR Campus and ILRI
Siboniso Moyo (and all participants)
Presentation of the expert working groups' work
Info Center
Co-chairs of the expert working groups
Participants visit four out of five stops in small groups
  1. Africa RISING/ Humid Tropics CGIAR Research Program (CRP) and Sustainable Intensification
  2. The Livestock Master Plan for Ethiopia (see the direct link to this brief)
  3. Drylands and Pastoralism activities (related to Drylands CRP)
  4. Livestock and Fish CRP
  5. Livestock and Irrigation value chains for Ethiopian smallholders (LIVES)
Info Center
Ewen Le Borgne
  1. Peter Thorne, Kindu Mekonnen, Valentine Gandhi and Tilahun Amede
  2. Barry Shapiro
  3. Fiona Flintan
  4. Barbara Rischkowsky, Tadelle Dessie and Alan Duncan
  5. Amare Haileslassie and Azage Tegegne
Wrap-up – Q&A - 1-2-4-all
Reflections from participants – opportunities, synergies and new insights
Info Center
Ewen and All
Closing remarks
Info Center
Stephane Hogan and Siboniso Moyo
Guests Depart – some to visit the Genebank (optional)
Coffee still available

Participants (CGIAR)

  • Siboniso Moyo, Deputy Director General of ILRI in Addis Ababa and program leader Animal Sciences for Sustainable Productivity - s.moyo [at] cgiar.org

  • Kindu Mekonnen, Crop Livestock Systems Scientist Africa RISING (ILRI) - k.mekonnen [at] cgiar.org
  • Peter Thorne, Africa RISING Project Coordinator (ILRI) - p.thorne [at] cgiar.org
  • Tilahun Amede, Senior Scientist (ICRISAT) - t.amede [at] cgiar.org
  • Valentine Gandhi, Social Scientist (IWMI) - v.gandhi [at] cgiar.org

Drylands and Pastoralism
  • Fiona Flintan, Rangelands Governance Specialist (ILRI) and technical advisor to International Land Coalition Rangelands - f.flintan [at] cgiar.org

Livestock and Irrigation value chains for Ethiopian smallholders (LIVES)
  • Amare Haileslassie, Scientist (IWMI) - a.haileslassie [at] cgiar.org
  • Azage Tegegne, Senior Scientist, leader of the LIVES program (ILRI) - a.tegegne [at] cgiar.org
  • Fanos Mekonnen, Knowledge Management Expert (ILRI) - f.mekonnen [at] cgiar.org

Livestock and Fish CRP
  • Barbara Rischkowsky, Principal Livestock Scientist (ICARDA) - b.rischkowsky [at] cgiar.org
  • Tadelle Dessie, Research Officer (ILRI) - t.dessie [at] cgiar.org
  • Alan Duncan, Senior Livestock Scientist (ILRI) - a.duncan [at] cgiar.org

Livestock Master Plan for Ethiopia
  • Barry Shapiro, Senior Program Development Specialist (ILRI) - b.shapiro [at] cgiar.org

Other, general organization:
  • Gail Amare, Head of administration ILRI Ethiopia campus (ILRI) - g.amare [at] cgiar.org
  • Meron Mulatu, Communication and Publishing Officer (ILRI) - m.mulatu [at] cgiar.org
  • Tibebe GebreAmlak, National Liaison Officer (ILRI) - t.gebreamlak [at] cgiar.org
  • Ewen Le Borgne, Team Leader Engagement and Collaboration (ILRI) - e.leborgne [at] cgiar.org

Reflections about possible areas of cooperation and major insights

  • EU/AU try to identify issues interest for both sides, particularly around innovations and getting different actors to generate these innovations.
  • Linking more with regional partnerships
  • Common interest with global research agenda to integrate (interesting for EU/AU)
  • Together with IWMI and university we’re developing a program how to get the best of irrigation in Africa - Irrigation can be used to move away from agriculture for subsistence towards profit/market-driven (commercial) agriculture. We already had a project with USAID but we want to widen it to the regions.
  • EU funds thousands of significant projects - how to ensure we avoid duplication of efforts and manage to make sense of all these projects?
  • The issue of scalability is a major concern and we have to work on this
  • How to get these lessons and make them pan-African?

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ILRI Participation in the Framework Programme 7 of the European Commission:

Background information

Dr Stephane Hogan (Minister-Counsellor, Research and Innovation) from the Delegation of the European Union to the African Union is helping to organize a visit to ILRI Campus by delegates attending the European Union – African Union meeting in Addis Ababa next week. About half of the group of visitors will be European and African experts working on a roadmap for joint EU-Africa research on Food and Nutrition Security (incl. water) for implementation through the Horizon 2020 programme and other funding instruments. Other participants will be representatives from the European Commission and the African Union Commission, and possibly representatives of the respective member states (EU and AU).

We would like to take the opportunity to show some of the interesting research going on at ILRI Campus in Addis Ababa and to discuss areas of possible follow up. We will be organising our presentations focusing mainly on those projects where ILRI collaborates with other CG Centers and Ethiopian partners emphasizing possible implications for the region/continent.