Agile product/service development

Day and time TBD
Space TBD
Convener: Konrad Plechowski
Process supporter: S. Fisher Qua

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Outline of the session

Agile, iterative design of products and services seems like an extremely useful approach for global development in an age of constant change and complex relationships between people with diverse agendas and shifting needs.

Purpose: Why is this topic important to you and us as a community?
Objectives/Products: What are the outputs and how will we know we've achieved them?

Detailed session outline:

Preparation (please delete afterwards)

  • Invitation: What do you want to draw out of participants that show up?
  • Structure + Design Questions: What we're here to help with!
    • Watering Hole: Here are XYZ ways to connect people. Which of these do you like and what's the invitation can we make that's relevant to your topic-at-hand?
    • Campfire: Here are XYZ ways to get to your products/objectives. Decide what kind of help you want to get from the group or how should they help each other around the topic area.
    • Caves: Here are XYZ ways to reflect on what we just learned. How will we capitalize these for others to make use of?