‘Blended, not stirred’ – musings on the makings of a great martini effective learning approaches

Day 2 09:00 - 10:30

Dagu Room
Convener: Deborah Wyburn
Process coach: Carl Jackson (Westhill Knowledge)

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Outline of the session

This session will aim to provide an insight as to why and when it may make sense for training to be delivered in a ‘blended’ mode, and show how some ILRI initiatives plan to effectively ‘blend’ online and face to face learning in low-bandwidth environments using innovative learning technologies.

To provide an opportunity for the exchange of idea and experiences related to blended learning

Participants will be able to :

1. Evaluate potential components of a blended learning course for their own requirements
2. Identify challenges and opportunities for implementing blended learning in their institutional context
3. Define actions that can be taken to more their blended learning solutions to the next level

Detailed session outline:

09:00 - 09:10 Introduction

09:10 - 09:40 Ecocyle
  • Introduce the cycle
  • Individuals reflect at which stage on the cycle their Blended Learning practice is, what helped them to get to that stage and what is hindering them from getting to get the next stage
  • Individuals put their name on a post-it, place it on the cycle and say what helps and hinders
  • The group reflects on the emerging picture in answer to two questions - Where has our practice of Blended Learning got to? What accounts for any differences in our perceptions?

09:40 - 10:15 Peer Assist
  • Introduce the rules of peer assist (agree requests for assistance, short naming of what is hindering, quick clarifications, share experience or suggest questions to consider, non-defensive / all a gift, say briefly what you'll take away)
  • Write a request for assistance on an Index Card, stick it on the matrix and read out what it says
  • Group reviews all cards and groups any similar
  • People add names to cards they can offer assistance on
  • Groups form around those requesting help and go through the peer assist following the rules

10-15 - 10:30 Plenary
We discuss what we want to share with the wider Process Share Fair and beyond from this session