Community Radio

Day and time
Convener: Freyhiwot Nadew
Process coach: S Fisher Qua

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Outline of the session

[Please describe here the objectives and contents of this session]

Purpose: Why is this topic important to you and us as a community?
Objectives/Products: What are the outputs and how will we know we've achieved them?

Detailed session outline:

Preparation (please delete afterwards)

  • Invitation: What do you want to draw out of participants that show up?
  • Structure + Design Questions: What we're here to help with!
    • Watering Hole: Here are XYZ ways to connect people. Which of these do you like and what's the invitation can we make that's relevant to your topic-at-hand?
    • Campfire: Here are XYZ ways to get to your products/objectives. Decide what kind of help you want to get from the group or how should they help each other around the topic area.
    • Caves: Here are XYZ ways to reflect on what we just learned. How will we capitalize these for others to make use of?