Liberating Structures 2

Tuesday 26 May 2015, 11.00 EAT
'Megenagna' room
Convener(s): Pete Cranston, Ewen Le Borgne
Process coach: Pete Cranston, Ewen Le Borgne

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Outline of the session

Everyone of us, in global development, attends meetings and events that clearly are crying out for more 'process literacy', i.e. for more understanding about how people, experiences, objectives, context, time should be combined effectively. Some of these events are facilitated, and that tends to improve the lack of thinking on process (though not always). But a great many event are left to a chair, or even nobody to guide everyone to a successful and energising experience. 'Liberating Structures 2' will make use of various Liberating Structures to show how we can collectively facilitate these events for maximum results.

Purpose: Why is this topic important to you and us as a community? Because we attend too many meetings that are poor in their thinking and results and even when there is no one in the facilitating seat, we can all contribute to a better experience and outcome, together.

Objectives/Products: What are the outputs and how will we know we've achieved them? An understanding of the collective power we have and some concrete ideas on what we can do to collective improve events that would be otherwise doomed to boredom and failure.

Detailed session outline (methods):
  • 5' introduction: Who are you and 3 tags to describe your working context (2 breaths)
  • 15' listing all the ingredients of the worst possible meeting/event (TRIZ) - online and offline groups / synthesis on the Adobe whiteboard
  • 5' understanding the problem of un-facilitated conversations and events - enacting the most terrible meeting ever (improv' prototyping) - one group offline + online
  • 30' stepping up, collectively, to the job of collective facilitating an event / finding out what can be done to improve such meetings (DAD q. 1-5) Report back good behaviours (as participants) on the Adobe whiteboard
  • 30' enacting a much better meeting (improv' prototyping x3)
  • 10' reflection (15% solutions)

What now:
  • Intro 2 breaths (10')
  • DAD 30' + reflection
  • Improv' prototyping? + reflection
  • Troika consulting 30' + reflection