Participatory video

Day and time
Process coach: Lucie Lamoureux

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Outline of the session

How content can be created in a participatory way to empower rural communities to tell their stories and feed these back to wider policy circles and to influence the practice of development actors involved.

Purpose: Why is this topic important to you and us as a community?
Objectives/Products: What are the outputs and how will we know we've achieved them?

Detailed session outline:

Three sections to be conducted during the session:
1st – Celebrity Interview
2nd – Conversation cafe Group work (rotational)
3rd – 1-2-4-all reflection

1. Celebrity interview (approx. 20 minutes, plus 5-10 min clarification questions -
Lucie will interview Wondwossen Hailu (National Program Coordinator-Ethiopia) and Lakshmi Iyer (Director-Africa Programs)

Potential questions:
(1) What is the Digital Green approach in brief?
(2) What do you mean by end-to-end processes?
(3) What do you intend to do in Ethiopia? How long do you intend to be in the country? What’s the vision for your programming?
(4) What do you mean by institutionalization or embedding of the approach? How will this play out across the extension system as a whole, or across regional bureaus of agriculture, for example in Ethiopia?
(5) Are you only focusing on locally-produced videos, or do you work with other ICTs as well?
(6) How is Digital Green different from being another wing of the Agricultural Extension Directorate here in Ethiopia, just expediting message delivery?
(7) How is Digital Green different from just another communication channel or methodology to communicate/disseminate messages? Specifically, how is Digital Green different from participatory videos in a conventional sense?
(8) What type of a picture does the data collected really provide? Who is the data most useful for?

2. Conversation cafe/group work (approx. 45 minutes -
Each group will remain in place for 15 minutes to discuss the following questions before rotating to the next group. There will be 3 groups to visit, each manned by one of the facilitators – Lucie, Wondwossen & Lakshmi.

(1) What are your data use-cases? From your experience: How can data be used on a regular basis to further adjust your program or research or intervention? What additional data could Digital Green collect? Is there too much data being collected? (Lakshmi)

(2) What group structures are most important in your experiences (whatever region they for Digital Green to know about, to potentially engage, to potentially view videos together? How could Digital Green better engage women farmers in areas where group structures are lacking? (Wondwossen)

(3) How could Digital Green best support policy frameworks? Are there mechanisms set up to facilitate new policies that Digital Green could factor into? Forums? (Lucie)

3. 1-2-4-all reflection (approx. 15 min -
First, an individual reflection, then in pairs, then in groups of four, thinking about: "What is your main message for Digital Green? Or "what is you main piece of advice for Digital Green?""