Policy engagement

Day and time TBD
Space TBD
Convener(s): Kim Geheb, Farah Khan
Process supporter: Lucie Lamoureux

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Outline of the session

Purpose: This session is crucial for R4D processes we are interested to explore how research knowledge can be repackaged for use in policy processes, understand entry points for policy influence (or using other ways to foster change) and make explicit some of our tacit experiences for policy engagement

- Learn about success and failure in changing policy
- learn new strategies, tips and approaches to engage in policy.

Detailed session outline:
This session will be an interactive and engaging Fishbowl discussion centered around a series of provacative questions to help participant anlayze what we mean by policy engagement and how we go about it.

Some of the key questions include:

1. What are we really aiming for
- What does a policy engagement look like/who is involved
- what are 'policy needs'?

2. How do we do it - what are great ideas for policy engagement?
What do research results have to look like if they are to attract the interest of policy makers?

What accompanying strategies are needed to turn research results into policy change?

3. How to tackle sticky, contentious and wicked policy problems?

- How far can we go in advocating for change?

- How can we prevent the mis-use of our research by politics-makers?
- What does convening power mean?