• Group work on day 2 was very practical and useful
  • Taxonomy became clearer (a.o. though the advocacy wheel)
  • Wide range of intermezzos
  • Regular content refreshers / cases (through intermezzos)
  • Expert organizers that could help guide us in planning the next day
  • Everyone spoke
  • Adaptive approach
  • Intermezzo was a good format
  • Mix of formats was energizing
  • Bring people in through Skype
  • Having dedicated critiques to give feedback was useful
  • Enforcing the use of no pc nor phone
  • Good to have facilitators intervene to keep everyone on their rails
  • Use of visuals (GalvMed) was great
  • Teasing out the process from participants as we went along was very nice
  • Using quotes for reporting (dedicated reflectors of the day)
  • We generated a lot of information, how to filter it out and communicate it usefully to people who were not in the room
  • We didn't come back to what advocacy is - we should have
  • Barry wasn't there to present the livestock master plan which was a pity
  • Confusion about who we are - why we have brought this group of people
  • Bus stops had too few people and too little time to go in depth
  • Building blocks session on day 1 didn't really work
  • We didn't use the gaps in the rest of the sessions, or emphasize them enough
  • Give more context to skype people in and brief them
  • Brief reflectors better so they don't give us a full lowdown on what happened during the day
  • Difficult to plug yourself back in if you leave the room (but perhaps you have to accept that when joining this type of meetings)
(next time around)
  • Emphasize that this is an exploratory event, not with the core group (and it's too late to join in)
  • Add practical training on advocacy
  • Showcase work visually - and generally use different methods/tools
  • Focus on practical stories/cases
  • Frame the event - give a fuller rationale and clarify who we are from the get-go
  • Do a bus stop type session after the practical group work session
  • Find out who's missing (e.g. FARA) --> get back to people who didn't come and also ask present institutions who else should be invited (from their own institution or beyond)
  • Do more preps about intermezzos (to get more of a conversation than presentation)
  • Use videos to explain advocacy
  • Full speed dating to get to know everyone
Next immediate steps
  • Get back (from BMGF to ILRI and the other way around) about our respective work plans and share a concept note about our respective advocacy plans in relation with this work by Mid December.
  • (ELB to chase) Lesley's concept note (2 weeks from now) about the future of this community.
  • Send all information and wiki URL to all participants (2 weeks from now).
  • Organise a virtual gathering among BMGF/ILRI in mid-December to check where we're at, where this community is at and what we need to do next about this.

Three things to work on from the ILRI side

1. document/blog the meeting itself

2. generate a list of actions/an agenda as follow ups from the meeting for all participants

3. identify an ILRI (BMGF) agenda for things to work on